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Mobile Eyecare

Mobile Eyecare In Oregon

Our Eyecare Mobile Unit offers a variety of services for residents in your facility. This includes not only comprehensive exams but also screenings and treatment of common eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. Our team can also provide services to determine the need for glasses or contact lenses. We have an extensive selection of frames and lenses available so everyone can find something that fits their style and budget.

Advanced Family Eyecare Mobile Unit is now working towards traveling full time to facilities throughout Oregon.


Ocular Care Services We Provide

● Overall Occular Health      ● Macular Degeneration● Cataracts● Diabetic Retinopathy● HyperTensive Retinopathy● Glaucoma● Thyroid Ocular Issues● Chronic Ocular Diseases● Dry and Allergy Eyes● Blepharitis● EyeLash Removal● Glasses and Contact Lenses● Sunglasses/Transitions

Facility Benefits

1. Less individual patient schedule for travel.
2. Better results for residents when they do not have to travel.
3. Reduces cost for patient and facility due to travel scheduling.
4. Glasses come right to facility. Again less patient scheduling for travel.
5. Increases quality of life due to enhanced eye health and vision.
6. Decreases Family Time required to accompany resident to appointments.

What I Need From the Facility

● Face sheets● Insurance info (most insurances accepted)● Medication list● 15 patients minimum● Start time is 8:30 am and will work to 12● Need an area to work in your facility● Empty resident room, hair salon or office space

What I Do

● I bring all equipment to perform full eye exams for health and glasses● I do all the billing with insurance (I accept most insurance)● Glasses ordered by residents will be mailed directly to the facility● Exams for residents begin at 8:30 and will go to 12● Will provide a report for the examination of the resident● Will keep a record of their prescription in case glasses are lost or broken to make replacement easy

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Advanced Family EyeCare in Sweet Home, OR

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